St. Paul's Announcements for October 19, 2014

Christian Education
. Adult Christian education today is taught by Ron Messier and the topic for today is: The First Christianity.

Stewardship Home Gatherings--Stay Tuned! Several St. Paul's families will be calling many of you this month to take a few minutes to gather at their homes to view our newest church video and enjoy a brief conversation about what stewardship looks like to you at St. Paul's. In addition to these home gatherings, we will also reach out to you and offer a similar Sunday afternoon gathering on October 26 at the church. Everyone is welcome! We need your thoughts and ideas. After these gatherings, we want you to go home and continue to pray over your gifts of time, talent and treasure for the coming year. Then, we'll all gather on November 2 and raise up our gifts of stewardship.

Absentee Ballots for Annual Meeting. You must apply for an absentee ballot by November 1 for voting at our annual meeting scheduled for December14. The policy for absentee ballot voting is:

  • Employment Obligation
  • Out of the Diocese (i.e. will be located in a diocese other than the Diocese of Tennessee during the Annual Meeting)
  • Incapacitated due to sickness or injury that prevents attendance
  • The Rector has authority to give out absentee ballots for pastoral reasons outside of these guidelines.

The application for absentee ballots will be reviewed at the November Vestry Meeting and you will be notified of approval. The application for absentee ballots will be reviewed at the November Vestry Meeting and you will be notified upon approval.

Postcard Sunday. The third Sunday of the month (today) is Postcard Sunday. Postcards are on the table in the Narthex. Take a minute to let someone know you are thinking of them and praying for them.

Love Your Neighbors Potluck Dinner. Today, 3 pm at Barfield Crescent Park, Pavilion #7. An interfaith gathering of neighbors to grow in love and understanding for each other. Bring a dish to share! Please label all dishes for meats and allergens.

Women’s Hiking Club. Hikes will be the fourth Saturday of the month. The next hike will be October 25 and we will be hiking the Rock Island train in Manchester, TN. We will meet at 8:30 in the church parking lot and drive to a trail (within an hour’s driving time). Bring bottled water and bag lunch! Contact Rachel Kirk or Liz Huber.

St. Paul’s Angel Tree--Choose an Angel. St. Paul's Angel Tree will be in the Narthex Sunday, October 26 through Sunday, November 16. Please stop by to get an Angel, or to make a donation to this wonderful outreach program. If you have questions please contact DeAnna Bartsch.

Men’s Movie Night. There is a group of men at St. Paul’s that likes going to the movies – specifically, to the kinds of movies our wives won’t watch with us! We would like to make this a more regular occurrence – perhaps once a month, depending on what’s playing at the theaters. If you are interested in being a part of our group, please contact Don Clayton to receive our invitations.

Building Committee Update. The Building Committee wanted to update the congregation on the Parish Hall’s progress. To date, the fire wall, the big block wall clearly visible in the back of St. Andrews Chapel, is complete. The next step will be to pour the concrete pad sometime in the next week or so (if the weather holds) and then the steel structure will be erected. This will be a very exciting step. We continue to meet weekly with the General Contractor to monitor the progress and are still on schedule to be finished by Easter. Please pray for the workers and their safety as they build our new Parish Hall.

Episcoppal Campus Ministry. Would you like to learn more about getting involved with ECM? Please contact Kathleen Clark at for details.

Thank You! Bill and I want to thank our church family for all the food, love and many visits to see Bill and I. We would like to think we will soon go home. Love, Bill and Aerolene. Bill’s mailing address is: NHC, 420 University Street, Room #157, Murfreesboro, TN 37130.

Anglican Heritage Tour. Coming May 1-10, 2014. Deadline approaching to register for Anglican Heritage Tour. There has been a not of excitement about seeing England in May and enjoying the sights and sounds of our spiritual homeland. Several people have expressed the desire to journey with us. But our tour company, Worldwide Pilgrimages, is needing a number so they can commit to reserving rooms. If you are going on the trip, now would be a good time to send in your registration and deposit of $300. Here are the three hotels at which we will be staying: Canterbury, Howfield Manor Hotel; Salisbury, Red Lion Hotel; London, Marriott Hotel West India Quay We hope to share this life-changing event with you. Brochures and registration forms are on the bulletin board in the Nursery hallway. For further information contact David Rowe.

Weight Watchers Report. Over 6000 lbs. lost! We need a few more new/returning members to keep this 6 year Weight Watchers meeting going strong. Please call Libby Willis for more details.

Dates to Save.

  • Cursillo Weekend - October 23-26
  • All Hallow’s Eve Service - October 31 at 6:00 pm
  • Time Change - November 2
  • Progressive Dinner. Friday, November 21.

Newcomers. If you are a newcomer and desire to become a member of St. Paul's please call the church office to schedule an appointment with Fr. Polk or Fr. Colin.

Sermons. To receive a written copy of Fr. Polk's or Fr. Colin's sermons, please contact the parish office, 893-3780.

Calendar for the Week

Sunday, October 19
7:15 am. Holy Eucharist
8:30 am. Holy Eucharist
8:30 am. Youth Chapel
8:30 am. Children's Church
No Catechesis
9:45 am. Christian Education
11:00 am. Holy Eucharist
2:00 pm. Girl Scout Troop/Cindy G.

Monday, October 20
9:30 am. Archives
9:30 am. Alcohol/Drug
4:00 am. Alcohol/Drug
6:00 pm. Stewardship Meeting
6:00 pm. EfM
6:30 pm. Pilgrimage

Tuesday, October 21
1:30 pm. Staff Meeting
6:00 pm. Vestry Meeting
7:00 pm. Troop 1108/Kirkham

Wednesday, October 22
6:30 am. Reunion Group
7:00 am. Holy Eucharist
9:00 am. Bible Study
10:30 am. Knitting/Crochet
Noon. Holy Eucharist
4:45 pm. Weight Watchers
5:00 pm. Youth Wednesday & Youth Band
5:00 pm. Chorister Rehearsal
7:15 pm. Adult Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, October 23
Cursillo Weekend
8:00 am. Building Meeting
10:00 am. Prayer Meeting
5:45 pm. Cub Webelos II/Cade & Harper
6:30 pm. Pack Meeting

Friday, October 24
Cursillo Weekend
3:30 pm. 3rd Year Cadettes/Matteson
4:30 pm. Wedding Rehearsal
6:00 pm. PNO Halloween Party

Saturday, October 25
Cursillo Weekend
8:00 am. Flower Guild Set-Up
9:00 am. Commission on Ministry
3:00 pm. Wedding

Sunday, October 26
Cursillo Weekend
7:15 am. Holy Eucharist
8:30 am. Holy Eucharist
8:30 am. Youth Chapel
8:30 am. Children's Church
9:45. Christian Education
11:00 am. Holy Eucharist
4:00 pm. Stewardship Meeting
6:00 pm. AA Monthly Business Meeting